Home is where the laughter lives

This is the heart of my home

I am the family storyteller. The keeper of memories. The documentor of our life.

Every day I wake up wanting to create.  I want to feel, to experience and most of all, to document what I know I will not remember. There are three wild and rambuncious kids filling my heart, running through the hallways of our home, pushing my buttons and reminding me what childhood is really like.

I fell in love with photography after our second child was born (that would be in 2010).  With that first click of the shutter my heart cracked - there was no turning back.  Photography is in my blood forever.

I am married to my high school sweetheart.  He is my biggest fan and strongest supporter.  Aside from him loving my artwork, it also helps that we both love red wine and great coffee.

You'll find many personal stories on my blog. You'll know me well.  Nice to meet you.

"The days go by with so many little things that don't seem to matter until they're no longer there and suddenly, they're all that ever mattered." - Brian Andreas

What I do

My goal is to document the heart of your home and the soul of your family. It is to make photographs that don't just tell you what your family looks like; they unequivocally show you who your family is.

What to do next

Take a few minutes and scroll through my work.  View the families, newborns or experience what a "day in the life" session can produce.  You'll get a solid idea of my style and the type of photographs I can create for you.

Then please get in touch to schedule your own session.  I would be honoured to photograph your family.

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