The Documentary Style Family Session

It's not just about what your family looks like, it's about who they are right now.

Family Photography Like You’ve Never Experienced

Your family doesn't want fake.  I won't make you say cheese or even tell you to look at the camera.  I may tell a funny fart joke, or ask about a new boyrfriend.  Family photography sessions don't have to be boring, stiff and a bundle of tension and nerves.  The dirtier your kids get and the more they "misbehave," the more authentic your images will be - the more you will love them.  

The goal of your session is to remember who you are as a family, not just what you look like at a particular point in time.  It's not about what you're wearing, or even about what you're doing, it's about connecting with eachother and just being yourselves, with a little flare thrown in.

Sessions are held any time of year, in any location, doing any range of activities.  We'll have just 15-20 minutes of relaxed "more formal" images (lightly directed) and then spend the remainder of our time doing fun activities!  

I would be honoured to photograph your family.