Well, it’s already the 5th and I’m throwing together some random pictures from the last month or so of life.  School has started and actually it SNOWED here two days ago.  We are trying very much to be an “experiences over things” family, but man, is it ever hard, especially with kids who would rather have stuffies than pay for a museum admission ticket.  Too bad, Royal Tyrell Museum for the win.

Regardless, we travelled over to Drumheller, Alberta a few weekends ago to experience the Royal Tyrell Museum and everything it had to offer!  Honestly, there is enough information in that museum to stay two days.  It is really cool, and we were all exhausted by the time we were done. (Plus our feet were sore from walking!)  I wish we’d stayed overnight to explore the little town of Drumheller in more depth as well.  I guess it’s just a reason to go back another day.  It’s only a few hours from Okotoks – an easily doable day trip.  Remember my post about moving and trying new things Well, here we are, doing just that, and trying to make a life for ourselves in this new province!

I love so many of these attractions throughout Alberta have family admission rates – usually less than $50.  Getting through the gift store on the other end, though…not so cheap!  We left with dino eggs, snap watches and some gems…all for the love of education, right??

Anyways, I did bring my camera, but unfortunately it died about an hour in, so I only ended up with a few usable images.

And last, how do you like the random “dragon” we brought home??? (Seriously, tell me in the comments!  Also – how do you move your family away from “things” and value “experiences” instead???)


black and white image of human skulls at the royal tyrell museum in alberta
bored girl laying on dinosaur display case while dad reads plaque in drumhellerboy standing in time zone rainbow at dinosaur museumgirl looking at fossils with dad at royal tyrell dinosaur museum in alberta
man in dragon costume sitting on red couch in living room, checking his phoneAnd now, you need to head over to Erin Berry’s post on how she found her inner plant goddess! (Seriously, how can you not click with a title like that???)

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  1. These are awesome captures kelly!! My kids love museums and we have started expanding my hubby’s magnet collection by trying to grab a magnet at each place we explore.  That way coming out of the gift shop is usually just a $5 fee. 

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